Can't get the right firmware for the Smart BMS assembled with my 18650 Lithium battery pack


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Jun 13, 2019
I purchased some 18650 Lithium battery pack Smart BMS from Aliexpress, ... 4c4dCwfpYI. I assembled the Lithium battery pack and this Smart BMS together, and its Bluetooth feature works well.

A couple of days ago, I tried the UART module with my laptop operated with Windows 10 OS. The COM setting is OK in the running PC software, when click Start, can pull the battery information from the Smart BMS assembled to the battery pack into the "Pack Info" of the running PC software system.

However when click the Read under the Parameters settings, can't input the battery information from the Smart BMS, and get error prompt. When click Write, get error prompt also. I tried different version of the PC software for this Smart BMS, and the results are all the same, i.e. can't Read and Write and get error prompt.

I updated the firmware with LH_SP10S006 20180612-1.hex, then can successfully Read and Write without error (this shows me that the firmware already installed in this Smart BMS before has problem). However when connecting the Bluetooth module to the Smart BMS, the Bluetooth feature doesn't work anymore. I identified that the firmware LH_SP10S006 20180612-1.hex only support UART module, not Bluetooth module. I tried to find a copy of the firmware which can support both the UART and Bluetooth modules, but I can't. Now I can only use UART module to communicate with this Smart BMS from PC, not with Bluetooth module from my mobile phone anymore. Bluetooth module is a lot more convenient than the UART module.

It is much appreciated if anyone can advice on how can get a copy of the right firmware for this Smart BMS.

I contacted with the seller James by email and through Aliexpress platform, but there is no response from him (as the manufacturer or representatives of this electronic hardware product, customers should be able to get the firmware of the product from them freely, and customers should be able to upgrade the firmware by themselves if there is any new release available)