Cant find anything about this ebike I bought online any help appreciated


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Aug 3, 2022
I purchased this bike that has some kind of connection issue. I cannot find any information about this bike online nor the controller.

The pedal assist isn't working so I assume its a faulty sensor.

When I opened it up I saw the pedal assist connector and an empty connector attached to the controller the same size as the a throttle. I connected the throttle and I have been left with two error codes 24 and 30

Here are a collection of photos of the bike and controller
I am willing to purchase a new controller if need be and keep this in the bin for a later time. i want to put a throttle on it and if the controller doesn't support it then I have to change it out. I have another controller thats much larger that I want to test it with but its battery connector is much different. The cables on this seem individually connected which actually seems much safer to the connector style my other controller offers

I was experimenting with the idea of a dual motor dual battery setup but im getting sidetracked.

Not being able to find any documentation whatsoever about a product like this is very strange. Appreciate any help or advice Im at a loss.

Repost from previous post

"I purchased this TAILG superpowers ebike on facebook marketplace that was supposedly having battery issues but powered on. Come to find out its most likely the throttle. 0 power to the motor when I pedal yet it powers on fine and displays full battery. 0 watts displayed during travel. I am having trouble finding anything on this bike at all but I looks like the same standart cheap peadl assist disk that comes on all ebikes. I would like to put a throttle on it, is the connector to the controller the same? Oddly enough I cant find any information on google about replacing a pedal assist sensor with a throttle. Does anyone anyone know if these two are swappable?"