cannondale Moterra


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Jul 15, 2020
Sounds interesting 160/160 with 433 chainstays.

ANTEPRIMA - Cannondale Moterra, e-bike full super compatta -

Cannondale 2017 : Lancement des VTTAE Moterra orientés AM et Enduro

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Cannondale has been making e bikes for the last 4 years, just only selling them in the EU.
Bosch e-Bike engines (2. Gen) have the small front cog. The engine has a interval gearing 1:2.5.(y)
So I feel like I must be misunderstanding how this works, but since the chainring is so small wouldn't that require the rider to increase their cadence that much as well? I understand the motor gives you the power, but who can spin the pedals fast enough to make that small chainring effective?
I have a video where you can see how it works. Just uploadet it to youtube...

Ah, that makes sense. Basically an internally geared crankset. They could probably make it a double upfront but might be a moot point with an e-bike.
Cannondale has made motorbikes for years, just an updated fuel source. Made for use in same areas.

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While granted someone like my dad who's over 80 could use one of these to keep up with everyone, I don't personally (IMHO) think we need electric off MTB on our trails. Electric cars started with electric golf carts, now we have Tesla that can go faster down a dragstrip than a corvette. There already are electric motocross bikes. Going powered is a sure way to get MTB banned to only trails that are accessed by motorcycles and ATVs if the wrong people get their shorts tweaked the wrong way. Saw two ebikes on a trail last weekend, it wasn't a particularly tough hilly area and I'm only in fair shape. :/