Can i upgrade the tire width on my SWFT Fleet?


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5:28 AM
Dec 31, 2022
Hi new to ebikes plan on using for long term commuting. I got a beginner ebike it's a swft fleet with 26 x 2.125 tires and I want to upgrade these tires to be fatter as I'm in Colorado and it snows, is that possible or could I damage the motor by doing this
Depending on the width of your rims.
You may fit wider tires onto the rims but the profile of the tires will still be limited by the width of each rim.
I upgraded from 1.75 to 2.4 in order to run lower pressure in the tires. I have clearance problems (frame to tire) especially with lower pressures. Keeping the wheels straight (truing) is important and too expensive to have a shop do it. Fortunately, I can do this myself.