Can I convert a throttle to a lcd controller


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May 30, 2024
Hi, please can you tell me if I can convert my hard plastic throttle on my e bike to a modern lcd display ?
My throttle shows 3 stages of battery usage and has an on off button.
I would like it if I got 3 stages of assist from the lcd buttons if possible, and an on off button.
I currently have a nano setup with a 200w front wheel motor and I’m running it off a 36v 6 ah Bosch battery. My left brake has a sensor and the throttle is on the right.
I’m unsure if the sensor actually works on the brake as it doesn’t look connected. Many thanks, curly


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The short answer is 'no'. The longer answer is if you are willing to go as far as removing all of your electronics components (the controller, the throttle, the pedal assist sensor, the brake cutoffs) and replace them with new stuff that is meant to work together, then you can do it for sure.

It is also MAYBE possible you can keep your controller and other bits, and add a display to it. This assumes there is an unused plug on the controller for a display.

There is no such thing as parts standardization from bike brand to bike brand, or even across different models that come from the same manufacturer. So unless you get lucky and someone recognizes your exact bike, controller and parts, and has done this already on this exact bike, nobody but you can figure this out after rolling up your sleeves and just trying it - which is going to require a lot more familiarity with the parts found on your bike than it sounds like you have.
Also I notice in the pic of your motor someone has taken a zip tie and clamped down on the motor cable coming out of the axle. That is really bad. Bending the wire hard over like that may look tidy but its bad for the cable.