Can anyone tell me what type of charger I need?


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Feb 22, 2022
I had someone build me a 52v (14s4p) ebike battery using Molicel P42A 21700 batteries.

Unfortunately they did not get me the right charger and I need to order one myself.

Can anyone link me an appropriate charger (something in North America)? I do not want a fast charger, so just a normal 2 amps or so would suffice.

Also, a random newbie question: Does the charger need to be specific to how the battery is built? Meaning: I would need a 14s charger for my 14s battery? I see a lot of chargers listed as "10s" "13s" etc. Would a "13s" 52v charger work on a "14s" 52v battery or is this something I don't need to worry about?
Yes 14s means 14 series of batteries, so 14*4.2 volts means it's 58.8 peak maximum charge, you need a specific charger that goes to 57-58.8v lion 14s... if it's ony 54/56 volts, it will only charge that high, but it's fine for a temporary fix.
Your battery will have a range of 45ish to 58.80 volts. You have the choice of 3-5 amps ones cheaply for 30 usd, and some of them have auto-off function when the charge is reached, which is good because the batteries are less stressed.