Can a rear rack or seats be fitted to a Mountain E-Bike?


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May 25, 2023
Hi All,

Please help! I'm a newbie and have noticed they don't tend to come with electric mountain bikes, which would be handy for me?

Is it possible to get an aftermarket rear rack or seat fitted to an electric mountain bike?
Particularly the RS-A08 750W Hydraulic Brake Mountain Electric Bike (by the company Samebike), which is what I am interested in.

I'm experimenting with battery mounting and just got a seatpost mounted rack. It came with the optional side braces
but I don't use them because my bike has full suspension.


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Most rear racks are affixed to the frame with M5 bolts. They are nowhere near strong enough to hold a seat for anything larger than a very small child, and even then, safety is going to be a big maybe.

The problem with using seatpost racks to hold a battery is, if you do any bouncing around (like on trails) the rack has no real centering mechanism and it will shift right or left. I went thru all manner of reinforcement of mine to try and lock it into place the one time I tried it and it was a waste of effort.

You can find a couple of racks that are designed to mount only on the seatstays of a full suspension frame. Those are the best option. One is made by Topeak. The other by Thule.