Cadence sensor switch?


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May 2, 2022
New to the forum and I have a question about putting a switch on the cadence sensor of my Magnum Scout.

I recently purchased my Magnum Scout to replace my Pedego Element. I wanted a taller bike with front fork suspension and a more powerful motor. The Magnum fits the bill perfectly--almost.

The Pedego controller has a Level 6 which is for "Throttle Only", which is essentially a Pedal Assist Bypass. I regularly use this setting because I like to "human" pedal on single track trails and just bump the throttle a little as needed on steep sections. Works very nicely along with the smaller ring gear I installed.

The Magnum controller does not have this feature. If the controller is set on anything but "Off" on the PAS, the pedal assist kicks in when the pedals move (as it should). There is no setting on the controller to allow for "throttle only". I have contacted Magnum and they have confirmed this.

My problem is that when I am on single-track "MTB" type trails that allow eBikes, I often do not want to go 8 MPH, which is what my controller is trying to do. I am exploring the practicality and possibility of putting a switch on the cadence sensor wiring that would allow me to turn off the cadence sensor on demand. My question is this--Has anyone tried this and will it allow for throttle use with the cadence sensor turned "OFF"?

I know the real answer to my question is "torque sensor", but that ship has sailed with this recent purchase and the wife may not understand a third eBike purchase.
If you can get to the advanced controller settings you might be able to set PAS1 or 0 to 0% assist and unlimited throttle.