Buying EMTB in Europe


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Aug 10, 2020
I was looking into buying a EMTB bike in Italy. Possible lightly used for a good price. Hang out with some family for a week or so and ride. Ship Home The Europe specs are limited to 15mph , I would like to modify the bike to US 20mph. I can ride some great hills close to home but would like to get there quicker. 5mph is not a big deal in hills but to ride 5-10 miles to get to hills it adds up. Looking at the cube 160 team. Can this be done easily?

I am not sure about Italy, but when i tried to do the same thing last year in france (buy a heavily discounted new Lapierre) the bike shops (i tried 2 places) would "unlock" the limit to 20MPH, but ONLY on a new bike, and if it was shipped overseas, disassembled in the original packaging.
Of course there are stiff fines for riding unlocked in Europe. I’m curious how hard is is to do once here.

Look at what it takes to ship an e-bike battery home and whether or not you can take it on a plane. It might not be an issue, but worth confirming.
I work for the airlines and get a good discount on fed ex , that is why I’m thinking of doing it this way.