Buying ebike frame only + motor?


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8:17 PM
Sep 8, 2020
I ended up buying an e-bike (Commencal Meta Power 29) a few months ago, love it so much! Since then I haven't touched my old enduro bike. Now I've been thinking about stripping the old bike and using the parts to build another e-bike for my girlfriend.

So what I'm looking for is an all mountain e-bike frame + motor + battery. Is there any company selling these separately? I'm not looking for bolt on kits but the actual frame + motor (preferably Shimano Steps 8000) of a production series bike. Anyone seen these available somewhere?

(I'm in Andorra right now and will go and see again with Commencal but I know they build their bikes up completely in Taiwan and they have already told me over e-mail that they won't sell me the frame+motor separately.)

specialized ebike in andora.jpg