Building a 4 x 13S14P battery pack for an electric bike with 18650 cells


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Sep 19, 2018
I want to build a 96 Volt battery with 95Ah to power a 3000 Watt hub motor. The cells are Samsung 18650INR 35E rated at 3500 mAh with 8-10Amps of discharge. Is this a good idea or am I missing something? I'm looking for good range...
It's best to stay below 52 Volts with an ebike battery for safety reasons. The higher the voltage of the battery the less range for a given battery size. If you build a 48 Volt battery instead you will basically double your range. To give you an idea if the motor will run on this battery OK you have to factor in your controllers amperage. For instance a 30Amp controller will be putting 2880 Watts into your motor. At full power your motor will be running hot as it's close to it's very close to its maximum rated power.

P = VI
Power = Volts x Amps
Power = 96 x 30 = 2880 Watts