Building a 4 wheeled Cargo bike!


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9:20 PM
Jul 10, 2023
Hi guys,

Im after any information and support in building this 4 wheeled E cargo bike to carry my tools and bits and bobs around central London. Here is a design I would like to copy (the company wants £14k!!) Hoping to build it under £6k. Where would be a good place to start?

Any help would be much appreciated!
Start with weight capacity & distance you want to cover on a single charge, then you can determine a range of motor & battery size you will need.
First thing I would do is look to see what the local regulations are for a quad that is intended (I assume) to ride and intermingle with bicycles in the bike lanes. And not just the act of riding. What about safety and equipment regs? Does a quad get reclassified and end up having to deal with an MOT or somesuch? Watch out for regulations that could trip you up. Here in the States adding that 4th wheel usually reclassifies an e-assist or even a plain pedal bicycle (we have both federal and local state regulations to navigate here).