Bosch Dual Battery Status change


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Aug 28, 2022
Hello Folks,

I had not used my eBike (Riesse and Mueller Load 75 w/dual battery, Bosch PowerPack 500s w/ intuvia control), in a few weeks. I plugged it in to charge it and fried the charger.

After ordering a new charger, I noticed that the battery status had changed on the Intuvia. Historically, the graphic on the display would show two “solid” batteries with 5 DOD bars within which lose charge/bars simultaneously over the course of my ride.

Now, however, one of the batteries is now showing as “greyed out”, or pixeled. As I ride, I draw down one battery and not the other. My “master” battery status on the top of the screen seems to “see” both batteries, showing nominally 50% status when I’ve drawn down most of battery 1.

The system is drawing down the batteries in series (first one, then the other), whereas it had always drawn in parallel up until the charger frying…

Why would my control have changed from parallel to series? I will now be drawing more from battery 1 than battery 2, reducing cycle life on one pack far more than the other.

How do I reset this/re-“pair” the battery packs so they will draw in parallel and not series? I can not seem to find a setting/configuration in the controller that will allow me to do this.

Do I need to get a third party charge controller in order to more accurately balance voltages before the system will return to parallel? I charged each pack independently in the hopes that I could saturate them, but no dice.

I also confirmed that both batteries are in good status, and can run the bike from either caddy independently.

What do y’all think?


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