For Sale Bontrager panniers (pair)

These are no longer current models. They’re pretty big, as you can see in the pix. They’re shown on my Aventon Level.2.

Bag interior dimensions:
Top is 15x7”
Bottom is 10x7”
Depth is 14”

The backs have retro-reflective stripes.

They have drawstring closures for the top of the insides that are optional to use, and the flap closures go over them, so they are rain proof.

I only mounted them a couple times, but never used them, so they’re in like-new condition.

They have small thin zipper pouches inside, and the flaps each have a zippered compartment too. They’re made from nice quality nylon. Black on the outside and light gray on the inside, so you can see what’s in them without needing a flashlight.

$60, and CONUS shipping will be $15 by UPS. Or pick up in Kenosha, WI. I prefer payment by PayPal, but can also do cash, check or MO.


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