Sold Bontrager panniers (pair)

Sold through Facebook Marketplace. Thanks for looking!

These are no longer current models. They’re pretty big, as you can see in the pix. They’re shown on my Aventon Level.2.

Bag interior dimensions:
Top is 15x7”
Bottom is 10x7”
Depth is 14”

The backs have retro-reflective stripes.

They have drawstring closures for the top of the insides that are optional to use, and the flap closures go over them, so they are rain proof.

I only mounted them a couple times, but never used them, so they’re in like-new condition.

They have small thin zipper pouches inside, and the flaps each have a zippered compartment too. They’re made from nice quality nylon. Black on the outside and light gray on the inside, so you can see what’s in them without needing a flashlight.

$60, and CONUS shipping will be $15 by UPS. Or pick up in Kenosha, WI. I prefer payment by PayPal, but can also do cash, check or MO.


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