BMX cruiser conversion help


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Aug 17, 2021
I've got a custom Gack BMX cruiser (24" wheels) that I want to convert to a very basic 'cruise around the lake' eBike.

I'm just planning on getting a kit like this 24" front wheel one:

And I'm wondering if this cheap battery will be OK to power it? It has more MaH than batteries that cost 2x as much in a plastic case... Are they garbage batteries? Considering I can buy two packs and know how to solder, the frugal cheapass in me says to go with the budget batteries... lol

battery example:

Thanks for any help / knowledge / info / opinions!
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The price of that battery pack looks unreasonably low for the spec. I would expect tp spend around $300 or so for that.
It says it has "Inside with protective circuit: overcharge, over discharge, over current, short circuit protection!"
I don't know if that is a true BMS or a just few fuses.
-If you buy that battery pack, please give us some reports on how well it performs.