BMC Alpenchallenge Shimano E6100


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May 3, 2021
Hello there I have taken the plunge and purchased my first ebike which is a BMC AlpenChallenge two which is fitted with shimano e6100

The instructions that came the bike were pretty poor to be honest and the bike shop were just sales people

I have a question regarding my first ride. I powered the bike up and the mode set to 'off' as it was a calm day and was cycling at circa 14mph without assist. After about 10 miles I switched mode to 'normal' as there was a slight gradient. I have to say that I could not tell if I was getting any assist or not.

when I got home I turned the bike off and on again but set off in 'eco' mode this time and I could instantly feel the assist and indeed the differences between the modes

Do you have to stop completely to go from off to assist mode ???

The display that came with the bike is SC-E8000 which is the basic one so there is no indication of the amount of assist being applied

Would the SC-E6010 be a worthy upgrade ??? as this displays assist being supplied
you should not need to stop to go to assist. Try it again. Something is not right. Don't upgrade until you sort it out.
been out again on the bike and it is all good, did some different pedalling conditions in different gears and it is fine. With regard to the control upgrade if I look at the shimano compatibility chart it says it is not compatible which is strange because some bikes have it as standard with the e6100