Blix Vika+ Controller failure


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Jun 29, 2022
One of our two 2 year old Blix Vika+ folding eBikes experienced a Controller failure a few months ago when it hit a bump in the road. Initially I thought it might must be a loose or poor connection but re-seating all its connections failed to fix the problem. Having two Vika's I was able to swap their Controllers so I was able to establish we do have a problem Controller. I ordered a new Controller from Blix a couple of months ago but it seems they're having a problem filling the order, as I've been waiting a couple of months now, and the company says its still back-ordered. I'm curious anyone else has had a problem with their Blix eBike Controller, and if so, how did it take you to get your replacement? I'd also be interested in knowing if the Blix Vika+ has a generic Controller replacement?
It's unfortunate that the eBike Space still suffers from a entire lack of "Standardization" - where there are common "specs" on critical components like controllers - displays - motors.

Reddit posts from a yr ago mentioned Blix did not have replacement Vika controller available.

1. Some owners - who "politely asked" Customer Service for the "brand" - got the Part Manufacturer and that Manufacturers Part# so with some web work got correct replacement from AliExpress or Alibaba

2. Some owners whose Part has original manufacturers Part # Label - with web work using that Part # - were able to source correct replacement.

3. Some owner say "frack it" and order a Generic Controller - same spec - that has the same# of leads

Happy hunting !
There's certainly something wrong. I ordered a replacement Vika+ Controller last November. I received a response from Blix stating the Controller should ship in December. December and January came and went. I emailed them again and got a response basically saying when they receive my Controller, they'll ship it. Additional calls and emails haven't been answered. I hope I didn't make a mistake ordering from this company.
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