Bionx conversion kit for 280+ LBS rider over the hills


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Jun 21, 2018
Hi All, I live in central New Hampshire USA, I am leather smith/craftsman and I want to stop using oil for my transportation as much as possible so I am looking into buying in the spring an electric bike. I have come to this forum to learn as much as I can about what is available in the way of e bikes and conversion kits. At the moment I am leaning to buying a good mountain bike and a Bionx conversion kit that is suitable to carry my 280+ LBS over the hills and down the roads around here. I also need the system to go 30-60 miles on a charge with regenerative breaking and some peddling of my own. My wife presently walks to work but in the near future she will have to commute 26 miles a day round trip and will need her own ebike to get her over the dirt roads and hills that lie between home and work.

I know that the Bionx motors and systems can be configured to do what I need them to do but I need to know is, What do the owners of Bionx ebikes like and dislike about the systems they have? After owning one for awhile What would you have changed to make it better? What about the bicycle you put the system on did not work well or needed repairs? How many watts is your motor? How many volts in your battery pack? How many battery packs in your system 1? 2? More?

I have a lot more questions but this will do for now.
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