Bintelli B1 replacement battery compatibility


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Jun 3, 2022
After 4yrs (seasons) & 1400mi of fairly high demand, my B1's batt. finally gave up. I really don't want to spend $500 on OEM, so...
Looking at after market replacements, (Yose, Hailong, ...), 36v/10Ah are all I find with 2-pin discharge. The B1 is also old enough to predate BMS. Will one of these kits (batt., mounting rail, charger, wires) be compatible at around $200? And, will the B1 accept a kit with multi-pin discharge? (to get higher AmpHours)

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Batteries, by their nature, have just two outputs, pos and neg. The number of pins in the cable has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with available AH.
If you are having trouble finding batteries with "2-pin discharge", you are failing to fully understand what you are looking at.

BMS have been around LOT longer than you are apparently aware. Well over 10 years.

What you likely have, is a battery with the controller built-in, this is what the extra pins are for. You can either seperate the controller and rewire to the new battery, or get a new battery and controller. As the controller is what LIMITS the AH drawn from the battery, if you want higher amps, you likely need a new controller.

However, I would advise you spend some time and research making sure that you actually understand what that will mean for motor and battery longevity.
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