Biktrix Ultra 1000 EBike


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Aug 17, 2020
I own a biktrix Ultra 1000 EBike it’s the hard tail version of the red bike above. FYI these are built by Frey bikes in China the batteries are called Dorado battery I own a 48-52 v 21 ah battery as my main battery but also have a 48v 11 ah battery for a backup. It’s a great system the cells are panisonic or LG 21650 cells the 11ah battery is about 7lbs where the big 21ah battery is about 11lbs these run from 300$ for 11ah to 900$ for the big 21 ah battery so having a backup that is lighter weight is definitely affordable. The nice thing about having a spare battery besides the obvious is to troubleshoot your system if you are having issues. I highly recommend it.

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778 wh is a lot of juice I have a 680, and that gets me about 50 miles of commuting with a bbs02 (52v battery). I run my pas from 5 to 9 pushing for speed to get home fast. I also run a 52 up front so I can ride at 30-35 in roads. Face about 1700 of vertical in my 45 my commute. If your can get a general shark battery. Em3ev has a great bms with an Android app that lets you see exactly how your battery is doing.