Bike rack and security


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11:22 PM
Jul 21, 2022
Is there a way to secure both a hitch bike carrier and a couple of bikes on the carrier, so they won't get stolen? In other words, is it possible to both lock a couple of bikes to a carrier overnight when inside a hotel room or an AIRB&B. And then when we are riding the bikes, to lock the carrier to our SUV? It would be nice if we didn't have to bring the ebikes inside a hotel or AIRB&B room for the night and then have to put the carrier inside the SUV. Your thoughts on that.


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2:22 AM
Jul 5, 2022
I always lock my hitched carrier to my Jeep when I’m out on a ride. It’s pretty expensive in and of itself and would otherwise be quite easy to steal (another truck with a hitch could just pop it off it, mount it on their hitch, and drive away).

The security I use includes:

-A keyed hitch pin lock for where my rack fits into my hitch extender. This pin also has to be wrenched to remove.
-A keyed hitch pin lock for where my hitch extender fits into my primary hitch.
-A keyed cable lock attaching the bike carrier to the frame of my Jeep (I’ve got a few convenient steel frame loops near my hitch available).

If my bike is on the carrier and I plan to step away from it, I have a steel foldable lock I use to secure it to the rack.

I don’t think I would feel comfortable leaving it on the rack overnight at a hotel, though. I would probably just wheel the bike into the room with me.