Bike loosing power


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8:55 AM
Apr 12, 2023
Well really not sure what forum to post this, so I will try here because I think I have an electrical problem.

I have a very off brand Huntin Wheelz bike. It is a simple rear hub drive bike with adjustable pedal assist and hand throttle. It has a simple hall effect pedal detector.

Took it out last night for a ride and everything was fine. Tonight I decided to clean sprockets and chain and adjust shifter. I also decided to clean around the pedal movement hall effect sensor.

After lubing chain I decided to go out for a rip. Now it seems that I can turn the bike on but whenever I try to get into the power the bike turns off.

Weird. The only electronics I got near was the hall effect sensor. Don't know how this would have broke things. That has to cope with being wet anyway.