Bike Lock & Security - Enthusiast & Soon-To-Be Riese & Muller E-Bike Owner


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Sep 30, 2021
I just made my order for an e-bike after researching what seems to be forever. I got the R&M Superdelite for my travels in Chicago. This will be my only vehicle (other than the bus or train).

As many are quick to point out, this bike is expensive—though a fraction of the cost of many cars and much cheaper over time. I got the belt drive and internal gear hub to avoid regular maintenance as well. I also don't like the idea of creating traffic, polluting, finding parking, and contributing to the many ills of a city caused by cars.

The other issue I've been thinking about has been bike security. In fact, I thought so much about it, I wrote a long-form essay. As someone who is into locksport and picks locks and thinks about destructive and nondestructive entry, this was a fun task (the community I'm in doesn't steal, and we use our own locks to practice on). If anyone is interested, you can see what I came up with here:

Really looking forward to riding now that I've made my order at my local bike shop! I'm so jealous of all you with your e-bikes already. :)
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