bike cuts off when throttled


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Apr 12, 2023
Riverview MI
my bike cut off twice now when i hit the throttle. first time it stayed off for months , i would randomly check it - one day it turned on worked fine. Yesterday tried the throttle again and it cut out- wont come back on. Battery looks fully charged. I did replace the throttle/display and that didnt work- still not powering on.
Gen 3 stride- company went out of business. Any ideas??
Disconnect ebrakes. Test.

Does the battery change colors, or physically get bigger, when it LOOKS fully charged, or does it have indicator lights and why have you not checked the voltage with a voltmeter?

After first test, leave ebrakes disconnected, disconnect battery completely from controller, wait 5 minutes, reconnect, then test.

Also, describe battery state of charge (SOC) and terrain type, hills or headwinds, load carried, speed, etc., you know, some small amount of goddamn useful information, to help YOU, solve YOUR problem.
mine was doing this too really weird stuff like it made me power assist or it wouldn't go ,handle throttle bar and position had to be at consistent or power would die
i first dove in the guts inspected, nothing major stuck out. since it was the handle bars positions that made it turn on or off so i opened up the throttle i inspected it and, side note, its not to fun to do that,, so a few weeks later I took the shell offf again and this time reseated every wire i could and it works...for now , so its gotta be something with the cables\connections

Hope this helps
my bike started doing the same thing under load, on a stand with no load I can turn the throttle full it runs soon as I sit on it to ride, I hit the throttle and the display goes black I can flip the battery switch and it turns. I hit the throttle and it shuts off.. I have a 48 volt battery 13AH. the battery reads 54.4 volts
one more thing i have the display, power and phase wires and throttle all connected, i did not want all the other stuff, I just wanted bare minimum to get it ran like this for 3 months no problems