Better ebike lights for night riding!!!!


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Jul 8, 2018
One day I thought I needed more range ... so my my brainwaves got to work and all the wheels went round !!! and 3 days later out comes an idea, I can replace light bulbs with LED'S yes what a good idea !!!! very very reliable, low power consumption and easy to wire up I found this seller in China and purchased some White LED's and Red LED'S I think for our usage the high brightness 10mm types are the best the cost worked out at £5 for 50 LED's absolute bargain so to work with a Soldering iron, 20 red LED`s for the back light and 5 white for my front light result my power consumption fell by more than half an amp at 36volts !!!! - success, bikes .. a few cars ... and Buses are now using LED's in England and they show up Brilliant at night

AND safety on the road is the most important - all the time

for people who are not technically minded in this case LED's can be wired in series and MUST have a series resister (cost about 10p) they are not like light bulbs and must be hard wired in and soldered using just one or 2 LED's wont give you much lighting power using 10 or 20 will give very good results connecting 10 Led's in series as a light will equal a very low power consumption of just 20ma current, my back glass light bulbs were using up 400ma and was not as good as LED's and they needed replacing every now and then LED's are rated to last over 100,000 hours and are solid state plastic and very robust and very hard to damage

the series resister I used for 10 leds was 820 ohms anything rated 1 - 5w will be quite ok for my front light (5 leds) 1500 ohms resister was fine

LED`s will only work one way round and you never connect them direct to a power source - always through a resister

All together I saved 750ma or 3/4 's of an amp

I any one needs technical help your welcome !!!

I got mine from
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