Best way to cycle a Second ebike battery?


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2:40 AM
Aug 25, 2020
What's the best way to use 2 batteries? I bought an extra for longer ride but most days I only need 1. I charged one up and let it sit for 3 weeks and it's still full or hasn't dipped enough to change the battery indicator. My thinking was to swap them at some point so 1 isn't sitting too long?
Read your handbook. I have 4 seasons so many use an Ebike 6, 7 or 8 months.
You will find storage indications. Sorry i have 1 so it gets used regularly.
It is not good for Lithium Ion batteries to be stored at full charge but a battery should be fully charged before riding to equalize cell voltages. So I would discarge a battery, by riding, to 60 percent before putting it aside and recharge batteries the night before a ride or right away if the charge level gets below 20 percent.

You should probably go for a ride right now to take care of that full battery :)
I have two batteries and just alternate every ride.
use one - charge it, use the other - charge it.
I have numbered them batt1 and batt2 so I know which is which.