Tires & Tubes Best tyres for ebikes on cement and asphalt?


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Sep 18, 2018
I'm using Schwalbe G1 Tyres for dirt and gravel riding. Now I'm moving to an area where the roads are sealed - cement and asphalt. I am expecting to ride slightly faster than the 15-18 mph that I have been used to. Does anyone have any suggestiong what tyres I should be using? My wheels are 700c with 38mm tires currently.
G1's would wear fast on an ebike. I like the G1's I have but I don't use them on an ebike. They're great on light gravel and very efficient.

With the faster speeds you may want something that wears a bit better. I'm using Serfad Drifters which are a slick style ebike tyre. Check out Schwalbe or Conti as they make some ebike rated tyres. At your speed you wont need anything speed rated however.

I recommend choosing a tyre which is slow wearing and puncture resistant for an ebike. Rolling resistance doesn't seem to make any different on an ebike in my experience.
I use Schwalbe Marathon Plus for my ebike, they are that same tyres's that I was using when my bike was not an ebike.
I use Marathon Plus too and my ebike is used at speeds over 30mph. I ride mainly on road and smooth dirt. These tyres have been good for 2 years so far. Hopefully I will get more out of them.
Thanks, I think I will stick with the G1's for now and then replace with Schwalbe Marathons when they wear out.
I have converted Trek 7100 E-Bike with 700 x 35 tyres. With my motor, battery + Rider my back tyre is taking a fair bit of weight
Recently I have had 2 rear end punctures plus excessive wear
What is the best tyre for my rear end??
Is it not so that tyres such as Schwalbe Marathon have a weight limitation
I would appreciate comments from others
Bill C