best hardtail ebike for the buck

Henry Chinaski

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Jul 24, 2020
Looking to get one for my girlfriend for gravel/fire roads. Looking at this one

Anything better for the buck?


Edit--can't find anything on these bikes!
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Go look Luna Cycle yrs building e bikes I know he stands behind his products' mabey convert a old bike ? But that is a good price .
You can't go wrong with Bosch or Trek IMO (I've owned and ridden several Trek bikes and they were superlative); also, my friends with Bosch systems love them.
My thought exactly, go to Luna. But after seeing the price for the girlie Trek, it seems like a pretty good deal . I expected it to be 4 or 5 K. I love my BBSHD converted fat bike, and only have about $2500.00 in it. I ride with guys on Haibikes all the time, and do it at half their price, plus if it really comes down to it, have a lot more power available plus a bigger battery.
Luna has been building ebikes for only a few months, not years. They have been selling components for several years, but only began to build and sell complete ebikes recently, although you would not know it from their advertising. They also do not sell their ebikes with a warranty, it costs an extra $600 for two years of coverage. They may "stand behind their products" but they have no obligation to do so if you bought a complete ebike from them, unless you spent the extra money for a warranty.
Yeah, Trek and Bosch seem like known quantities, I can get support for it through the LBS if there is an issues with the Bosch unit, etc etc. Plus my girlfriend likes blue.
Henry, only problem here is that the rest of us need to ensure that our wives/girlfriends (maybe some have both) don't see this and have their expectations elevated.
I installed a BBS02 mid drive from Luna on my wife's Trek Navigator 300 and she loves it. Total cost $930.00, we already had the bike.
Trek Navigator 300 Bafang BBS02.jpg
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