Best front chainring size for max speed on a 20 inch BBSHD ebike


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9:06 AM
Mar 27, 2022
So I have a Tern Verge D9 that I've put a BBSHD on.
Currently I have a 52T chainring on the front.
The smallest rear cog is 11T but currently the bike gets max speed in a higher rear cog.
Would I get any increase in max speed by going for a smaller front chain ring (say 44T or 46T) and utilising the 11T rear or will it not really matter?
If speed is all you want go with the largest front gear you can find. You will sacrifice climbing ability and will own an ebike that can't ride on Class-1/2 biking infrastructure though. s**t can the gearing and buy a Rohloff Speedhub.