Best eBike to buy with a budget of around £350?


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Jun 21, 2018
Hi all,

Just started riding a electric bike, it was a non runner when I bought it (Tompson Euro Tourer). Turned out a controller and a new set of cells were needed to get it running right. mind you the brakes are really poor.

My question is with a budget of around £350 what would be the best Bike to buy (Second hand) i want one that has good range , this old one I have has 36v sla 12Amp/Hr cells that seem good for a fare run 20 miles easy and are really cheap to relace (cost me £67 the set inc postage etc)but it weighs over 40KG's and has lots of cheap plastic all over it that as see better days (bike is about 9 years old).

There are 3 bikes that i think may suit me they are in order the Powacycle Salisbury which as a lipo battery overall weight 22kgs powabyke X6 but i am worried about its range or the older powabyke with the battery mounted between the forks and the seat (not sure what it is called) but has a good range. anyone got either of these bikes and care to comment, i want to be ably to use it like a normal bike to if possible. All the best.
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