Bergamont e-revox 26 junior chain trouble


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6:01 AM
May 20, 2024

I bought a Bergamont e-revox 26 jr for my son. Every 3 or 4 bike trip the chain jumps off the front gear and gets stuck between the frame and gear. This happens when he travels straight forward on nice flat roads. This is a BIG problem. He is only 11 years old and gets stranded all over the place. The shop where I bought the bike does not find anything wrong the bike. What now??? Is there a chain stabilizer that fits the bike and will help? Or anything else?
Hi, I am in the U.S. so, I don't know this bike at all but I think what you are looking for is a narrow wide chain ring which does a much better job of holding on to the chain. Googling the bike brand, Westbrooks in England carries them, so perhaps they could help. I also saw the Bosch logo on your pic and ebike24, which I think is Dutch, carries bosch parts and lists a narrow-wide but I have no idea if it fits your model of motor. Emailing these 2 stores might be a good place to start. Perhaps someone in Europe who knows the brand could also chime in here, best of luck.