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Jan 6, 2023
I am adding this long msg for everyone to know what i am currently experiencing.....
I purchased a bike that was received on February 23rd. Beecool has a 14 day trial period, and supposed 2 year manufacture warranty on the date of purchase. I enjoyed the first months of the bike and was happy with the purchase. But around June; July days I had my fist experience with tires and then once I contacted the customer service to ask about the resistance and warranty of tires, I received good customer service but no responses on their deliveries on the warranty. Yes they are nice but no follow ups on delivery final results. Then again my next problem was the battery’s which shows that battery was fully charged but the bike stopped working. Until I called again their customer service to ask for the warranty on the battery and to be replace. The Beecool bikes advertises a 2 year warranty so I immediately reached out them. After a few emails also calling their customer service number and going back and forth the showed good customer service but they are not actually are very helpful, I called in and got a response that they were going to send this to their high up team or their Engineer IT team. I am writing my review complaint in two parts due been over the limit characters: Part (2)- After several emails and phone calls which I know I can describe and provide names since I have all the documentation of responses on passing or giving responses of working on my request but taking forever on getting the help we need to resolved the batter replacement or their indications on what is the next step to get my bike to work again, once I got a called from their tech guys they asked me for a time to go over an do a face time to troubleshoot the issues and make sure that it is the battery problem. Yes they were very helpful and talked me through the troubleshooting over the phone “face time” but one thing I want to mentioned here is that in order to get to this step, first I needed to prepare myself and get some tools that I definitely don’t’ own or don’t have since I am not an electrician nor a handy man to have all type of tools to repair bikes. The team determined the issue was probably with battery and had mentioned that it will need to be replace and they will be in contact with me to give me details on what would be next. This whole process has been taking since September with going back and forth with their instructions on the email that I see where not very effective with their deliveries or communicative to give me better instructions, having to do this from a long distance they are not very good with their communication. I kept asking them to send me the replacement battery but they didn't do it, so what now they have done and delivered to us, is a replacement part inside the battery, but to do this job it requires a technician to do this whole job. Anyhow they eventually said they would replace the battery which I received the parts now is my job to find the technician to burn and connect this parts to the battery. Main point bike is not the best like other people states that are great, I had tested other bikes in the bike shops where I believe you could have better customer service or at least is here close and not going to china and trying to communicate your concerns that take months and weeks to be looked at and half of resolve issues. Their emails are delayed with the time zone service. So as of now it will be almost a year with my bike that I have not been able to enjoy fully, because of the constant issues that I have experience. So my advise please be sure you are a tech bike guy and/or at least you are a person that could have some knowledge on ebikes to repair them since they are not so helpful on helping; honoring their warranty on part nor replacing or reimbursement on repairs that need to be done by a mechanic bike person.
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