Brakes Bee Cool Adventurer Brake brand


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6:15 AM
Jul 25, 2022
Hi, I'm a new member. I received a Adventurer a week ago. Was wondering what brake pad fit and since I need to raise my bars I need a longer brake hose on the front brake. Would anyone know what hose would fit? Do appreciate the help.
My Pathfinder should arrive today....Go to a bike shop with the old brake line and let them fit one for you....or bring the bike for them to do it...
Thank you Mark, I have a bad hub motor and controller that I am dealing with. China is to far to wait for parts! At the very least 3 weeks once i jump through all of bee cools hoops.
Good luck! I am having similar problems with a bike I received damaged! Waiting on parts! Who knows how long that will take! Totally disgusted!