Beaufort Avola Ebike malfunction


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2:10 AM
Apr 8, 2023
Hello all , i recently bought a used like new beaufort Avola Ebike , its has 250w bafang brusless motor , i bought it without battery (36v) , as i don't have patience i want to check if its working or not , so i tried my ninebot external battery on it , and its work like a charm for 3 days , after that its stopped calculating the real speed on the bafang U800 screen , and also the assistance is not like before , i used to use only 4 pass to get a good assitance , now i must use 5 pass , and i can see on the screen that its use more than 400w when i slowed down and start again , i checked the controler its using a shinui controler (36v) . and the battery indicator on the screen show less than the actual battery .

i will appreciate any help as i am new to this
Specs on the substitute battery might be helpful, you need a battery which fully charges to 42V and something over 4ah, 12-16 for decent range. Batteries not in this range can cause issues like you have seen, and can do damage to your components.