BBSHD not fitting on Giant Talon 2 2022

Canva Krusho

New member
May 26, 2022
I have a new Giant Talon 2 (2022) and a BBSHD motor. I have seen many posts of people putting this motor on the Talon 2 (though pre-2022) and other similar Talons. I am finding it is only fitting when hanging straight down. Am I missing something? The diagonal tube extends slightly past the bottom bracket to allow for internal cable routing (and I think I see this in pictures of others who have installed this motor).

View attachment 3696

This is blocking the motor from being able to rotate up.

View attachment 3697
Did they maybe make a change in 2022 (though when I looked in the store, the 2021 seemed the same), or am I doing something wrong? I can't rotate it before putting through the bracket as the mounting tab would hit the frame.

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