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Jan 19, 2022
Greetings from Colorado

So after 2 years of scouring the internet at full nerd I think I've become frustrated enough to design my own version of BBSHD controller for the STOCK HOUSING. As far as I can tell right now we are stuck with either adding extra boxes to our bike(BAC 500, Phaserunner) or hoping that we're lucky enough to score one of Luna's Controllers (If I'm wrong please tell me). I can't believe this is still the case with a platform as widely used as the BBSHD, especially when you consider that the VESC tool/projects have come sooo far. The firmware is awesome and some of the open source controllers that have been built off it are insane.

So i think with a little (ok alot lol) of tweaking I can get one of these 100v/100+amp vesc controller designs to squeeze into the lovely crescent moon bafang gave us
Id love some thoughts from you guys.

So far I'm basing it off of the a200s V3 controller by Euan Mutch. Sells retail at
The project files are over on Circuit Maker ... h/A200S-V3

One of the reasons I chose the a200s after endlessly looking at VESC designs is that the larger power board is right at 3400mm^2 of PCB area, while the BBSHD enclosure allows for a PCB with total area of 3643mm^2. That's including a fairly generous 1.5 mm of clearance between the enclosure walls and PCB. The stacked logic board is pretty tiny for the a200s, so that's not causing any concern as of yet. I mean I would much rather layout a design on the 3400mm rectangle, lol, but 3600mm of weird crescent miiiight work. So far I'm not having issues with IC placement or nets, but I'm not close to finished by any means.

Ive already made some decent progress on the pcb end, and can share some fun stuff really soon. Everything will be open source so im really hoping to get you guys input on this project
I know its gunna be a challenge to actually make something usable with the IC shortages, but I'm not scared



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