BBS02 On a Cargo Bike


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Jul 8, 2018
Hi there E-bikers!

I currently own a BBS02 on an old K2 Zed which as been a wonderful experience so far. I have a 13 mile commute into work and in the past 4 months have put almost 900 miles on the bike. We are currently in the process of buying an Xtracycle long tail cargo bike so that the 2 kids (ages 4, and 1) can come along and we're certain we want to electrify it as well. I'm looking for some guidance if a BBS02 would survive on this bike?

A little about my riding style, on my K2, I only use PAS and ride no higher than PAS 3 of 5. I would expect the same with the xtracycle. So far I've already gotten in the habit of downshifting to the lowest gear and not using throttle at all to start off. Hills are the same thing, pedal till it gets hard then downshift till the motor catches up in PAS, never use throttle on the hills.

Does the collective wisdom on this forum think that a BBS02 on a cargo bike with this riding style is a bad idea? Looking for your wisdom please!
Maybe consider installing a 30T ring. You don't need to go 25mph with kiddos and cargo. So, gear that ring down and let the mechanical advantage take you off into the horizon.
Here is my cargo bike.I ride similarly has what you described.I live in the mountains and ride more hills than flats.Plenty of power.44 chain ring , 7 speed freewheel. I would recommend the shift sensor with all the weight and the long chain.
Yuba Mundo  BBS02 750 watt mid drive.jpg