Battery troubles - tripping internal breaker


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5:11 PM
Sep 4, 2022
Having trouble with a 48 volt removable battery that seems to tripping an internal breaker sometimes immediately when power is call for sometimes after a brief use. It resets immediately when connected to the charger and shows a full charge. Tried a different battery and the bike was ok.
That means the BMC (battery monitoring circuit) is triggering.
That means SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG! At best it's a faulty circuit, at worst it's faulty cells which can lead to runaway and FIRE.

The following advice is given in all seriousness. Choose to follow it or not, that's up to you but given that battery issues can have catastrophic outcomes and need to be taken seriously....
1) Store that battery someplace outside that is fireproof until you can get it sorted out. A grill works well if you have one.
2) Contact the manufacturer and talk to them about a warranty replacement.
3) Do not keep trying to use or charge that pack