Battery protection

Mark P

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8:54 AM
Jul 29, 2022
Question. I intend to take the battery out of my frame to reduce the stress on everything when I trailer the bike to the park. What does everyone use to keep dirt, dust, and perhaps a little moisture out of the battery contact area? My wife suggested to take some shiping foam and trace the battery on it and cut out a templateand secure it. I thought that might blow out. What about a piece of plastic secured with Blue painters tape? Does someone sell a battery protector case?
What do you do?
I've been thinking about 3D printing a dummy plug for mine, but haven't really bothered yet. I bet there's something that would fit at an auto parts store (like some kind of trailer plug or something) depending on your battery type.

a photo of your specific connector would probably help the discussion.
I’ve thought about this a few times as well. My Aventon’s battery is integrated into the frame, so when it is out, there is a void. Since the bike sits in my cluttered dusty garage, I imagine grime could settle, and it would probably be a good idea to at least cover it with something. I’m not going to wrap it in plastic all the time as that would be a pain, but I’ll try to get in the habit of draping a microfiber cloth over the void or something.

Does anyone have an idea of how to safely clean a battery cavity and contact leads from time to time?