Battery on my RAD City 2018 won't charge.


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2:54 PM
Aug 4, 2020
Battery on my RAD City 2018 won't charge. Green light stays on as if it were fully charge. Bike has over 2600 miles so I have charged it many times with out a problem. If one of the fuses is bad would that cause it not to charge. On vacation in Park City Utah and need a fix quickly. Any info would be appreciated. I have tried another charger as we have two RAD's, same result. Thankyou!
Thank you, now I need to figure out how to take the fuse out without damaging the fuse.
It doesn't matter if you damage the fuse you're going to replace it. Less than a dollar at any auto parts store. Tweezers if you don't have access to needle nose pliers.