Battery not charging


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2:26 AM
Oct 30, 2021
So I left my bike in the rain with battery attached. I rode about ten miles when the rain quit. When I got home I tried to unlock my battery but there was a spark when I stuck in the key. Got up the next morning, charged my battery. Then I biked a good 30 miles. Now when I plug in my battery, the charger is green, like it’s fully charged. But it’s almost drained. It doesn’t seem to be charging. Should I b worried?
Sounds like the battery itself might have gotten wet inside you need to put the battery in a warm dry place not hot to overheat the batteries just a warm dry place for a few days if it’s a plastic pack that bolts together you need to open it up and see how wet it is inside Electric bikes do not like the rain
It may be a blown fuse in the battery. Many batteries including the silverfish type, have 2 user replaceable fuses, one of which is in the charging circuit. I had exactly the same problem fixed by replacing the fuse.