Battery Indicator doesn't match display?


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5:32 AM
May 23, 2021
I noticed today the indicator lights on my battery show one extra bar than what is shown on the display (battery shows 4 bars, display shows 3 bars). It's a shimano setup. Is this normal? Do I need to do something to regulate the battery with the screen? Which is generally more accurate?
Nevermind it seems to have corrected itself during a long ride last night and they now correspond to each other.
I have the same problem the display shows 100% while battery indicator shows red light any help please so I guess the battery is nearly empty.
Displays are infamous for being inaccurate. Particularly the ones that just show a graphic. What you want to do first and foremost is figure out the actual battery voltage versus just trusting the red light or the display. An inexpensive voltmeter touched to the battery terminals will get you in the ballpark. If the voltmeter says the battery is nearly empty, then you know the display is probably the issue. If you charge the battery and test it again, and the voltage reads what it should for your battery voltage igt is confirmed that the problem is the display. (36v systems actually top out at 42v and 48v systems top out at 54.6v so learn what yours should be and use that raw number as your guide).

I just installed a display yesterday on one of my bikes and when I got into the settings I found it was reading for a 36v system when in fact I have 52v. You may need to make a similar change... so the display may not be defective or broken. Thats a later step in the diagnostic process.