battery for pendleton somerby


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Jul 12, 2022
my bike came from halfords the model is a pendleton somerby. the bike was second hand when it came to me and i am very happy with it pulls me along just fine and with it being hilly where i live its just great for my needs.

any way i did manage to buckle the back wheel so no problem had it rebuilt ,but with one thing and another and being winter did not use it for around three to four months and the bike and battery were in my freezing cold shed.

any way out comes the sun so out comes the bike as i though battery flat so went to charge it and the charger is not putting any charge in to the battery. i had the battery tested and was told it had had it not just a cell down but other things not happy with it .

when i got the bike i did ask halfords how much a new one would be to buy and they said around £180 now just ten months later they're asking £380 which seems on the steep side so dose any one now where i could try to get one a better price than that thank you
I think your best bet might be to get the battery repacked with new cells.

Please read here about storing your ebike battery over winter: