Battery drain and declining top speed


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10:23 AM
Jun 13, 2022
Hello I have a bfang bb02 which I must say is great. However I'm trying to solve the following issue.

  • In the morning on the way to work, with a full battery, the top speed is 24mph
  • I use about 1/4 of the battery (max) to get to work, where I park and turn off the battery
  • On the way back, the top is 22
  • I end up with 1/2-3/4 of the battery remaining for the round trip.
  • The route is perfectly flat so no terrain assistance
  • I keep the same gear the whole time and use the throttle
It feels like as the battery decharges it does not put out the same power?

Any thoughts on programming or settings to maintain the max speed? I'm not worried about draining the battery since the round trip is short enough.

Either the eggrider display (
or the programming cable for the bbsXX will get you into the settings..from there what you want will be attainable.
Thanks, I have the USB attachment and am familiar with the settings, but unclear on which I should toggle to solve the problem.

It's a 48 and belive 13A