Battery cuts out after 30 seconds of use, even though the charge indicates "full charge"


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Mar 5, 2022
My wheelbarrow's battery doesn't have an on-off switch and anytime the above described problem happens, I'm forced to slide out the battery and reinstall it. Checking the indicator will show a full charge. Would someone give me an idea what might be going on? Thanks
Wanted to add, that when the battery is reinstalled; I hear a small pop (I've seen this happen plugging in a switched component) Is this a normal occurrence or maybe has to do with problem I'm having? Also, could I be having a problem with the battery's connection points? Will cleaning the contacts help? Thanks

ps - I intend to install an on-off battery switch in the near future, to alleviate or eliminate the popping problem!
I tried a different battery and the problem is resolved! What could be the problem with the original battery; is there an electronic control unit internally that has failed? Thanks
Almost always a ground issue from bad connections. The popping is an electric arch, on/off switch is a good idea.
It seems that an on-off switch was added on the newer batteries as a result of a problem or to avoid mishaps. I have two batteries 14Ah and 11,5Ah (both 48v) only the higher amperage battery has a switch, which happens to be the battery that works in my case, and it also eliminates the popping sound (arching) when the battery is installed with the switch on the "OFF" position
What usually causes this is a bad or low cell, or bad connection.

You may need to charge overnight, or charge the series strings individually, or charge, use briefly, charge, repeat, etc.

One low, or defective, cell will drag down its parallel group, triggering a shutdown to prevent serious problems as that group will measure below safe limit.