Battery charging or not?


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Jun 30, 2022
I put this kit on the front wheel of my wife's Sun Baja Fat Trike. It works great but the battery readout is goofy.

- 500 Watt 8Fun Planetary Motor
- KM-SS LCD Computer
- 36 Volt Samsung Li-ion Battery System 11 Ah
- Lithium Battery Charger (USA/International 110-240v)

We've ridden the trike daily for 4 weeks for 20 minutes at a time. The battery is charged after every use. Both the display and the LEDs on the battery case show only 3/4 charge, never full. Is this normal?
Hi there,

I wouldn't really worry too much about LED's show. It's probably more of an indication of the charge rather than the exact charge. As long as you are getting the expected range out of the battery then all is good.

The only way to actually know if the battery is properly charged to use a multi meter straight onto the battery along with this nominal chart for 36v ebike batteries:

Be careful when using a multi meter on your battery, it's very easy to short out the multi meter wires if you touch them together by accident.
Thanks for your reply. Turns out the charger was defective and not charging the battery at all. Dealer sent me a new charger and all is good.