Battery Charging Methods


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Aug 16, 2018
Right Now Im putting together my ebike and will be using a traditional charger from household AC outlet. But my long term plan is to use my ebike for traveling which I will park my rig and use it to go to town, run errand, explore and what not. What is the practical setup one would need to Charge a 52V battery on DC. Is it just a matter of putting in a battery isolator or is there a specific setup youd have to install. To me it doesnt make much sense to draw DC power to run an AC inverter to run a charger to run back to a DC Battery. Just seems like there should be simple way to do a DC to DC charge. I do imagine there would be some safeguard components one would need to install in between. Anyone aware of the specifics necessary on this? I plan on eventually having 2-3 52v 17ah battery packs not running all at the same time but having them there so when one goes down I can plug in a fresh one so I can extend my range and more importantly not get stranded.
A DC Boost Converter is a thing, sure. But, it works by making the DC into AC then DC again, as I understand. I just use an inverter and my normal 110V charger to do that, run off my truck, if camping.

What would you use for a DC source to power your charge?
At first it would be the alternator from the the vehicle. But eventually a solar powered battery bank. or perhaps solar all by itself.
If you only want to bulk charge, you could look at at DC Boost converters, they are available in many configurations.