Battery cables info please


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May 13, 2023
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I was using a front hub motor kit and this was the battery. The brand was called Unlimited and it was coming from a Spanish startup company that didn't go well and closed. (
The problem is that the kit stopped working, really I don't know the reason, there is no back up info or support, so I am trying to figure if I can re use some parts, battery and hub. Battery seems healthy. The controller - Bms (there are together) doesn't seems to work. So i will have to find another bms and controller and maybe a pedal pass senor in order to work again. So my question is what kind of Bms and controller should I search for? For Bms I cant find one that uses that kind of small white plugs. The kit was claimed to be 52V 350Wh. And the hub was 250w. Any info would be great. Thank you for your time.


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This is why you do not gamble on startups. The controller would need to work with your motor, and the BMS needs to work with your battery. Extra and oddball connectors do not help

Find out if you have just 3, or 8, or 9 wires going to the motor. Find the amp and voltage specs and limits for both motor and battery. BMS may take some significant re-wiring. Look for manufacturer name on the bms, and controller, and find someone who speaks chinese. Or maybe spanish.