Battery Bms changed


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Sep 15, 2022
I recently bought a battery that was used for less than 6 months from a guy who said it "stopped working".

I opened it, as I don't understand much, but I saw some videos on youtube for soldering and electrical, I decided to give it a chance to try to fix it.

The battery had its 1 cell a little rusty, so I decided to resold just that cell and bought a new bms.

The problem is, it worked perfectly, but it doesn't even last 2 hours (36v 20ah in a 250wheel motor from carrera/bafang), or rather, it doesn't last 15 miles.

My question is if it could be the BMS I put 35ah in it, is it wasting more than the necessary?

Do I have to find another exact BMS with 20ah output?

1 year ago I rode a 17.5ah, and I swear to all that is most sacred, I rode 80 miles.
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